RS232 ISO OBD-II / VAGCOM / AlfaDiag KKL Interface


Professional ISO OBD-II / VAGCOM / AlfaDiag / VOL-FCR KKL RS232 Interface


This interface (adapter) is used as an interface and a serial cable to connect an ISO compliant vehicle to a PC for on-board diagnostics (OBD). Such vehicles are VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volvo, Opel, Vauxhall, Alfa, Mercedes, BMW, etc.

It is fully compatible with the diagnostic software version 409.1 from VAG-COM. VAG-COM is a software program that turns your PC into a sophisticated VW/Audi diagnostic tool, which performs the functions of a factory VAG-1551 or VAG-1552 scan tool and more. Users of AlfaDiag will find no problems with using this interface.

It is also compatible with the VOL-FCR PC based Volvo Code Reader software which can be downloaded from here.

You can also use it with other software that require a passive ISO compliant interface, examples of which are listed below in the Supported Software section.

  • MAX232 Chipset based design.
  • Fully automatic support for 2002+ Audi models with dual K-lines.
  • Precision-moulded diagnostic connector made to fit all VW/Audi vehicles, even those with "tight" trim around diagnostic socket.
  • Works flawlessly with 3xx & 4xx versions of Ross-Tech's VAG-COM, and other VW/Audi car diagnostic software like:
    • AlfaDiag a diagnostic software solution for Alfa Romeo vehicles
    • Vol-FCR for Volvos.
    • ShadeTree Software's ProDiag (for PalmOS PDAs)
    • VAG Diagnose (super powerful VAG DMA tool that runs in DOS), and many more...
  • RS232 Serial port design, supports challenging time-critical applications like serial EEPROM programming and ECU Tuning
  • Please note: this interface does not support SAEJ1850-VPW, SAEJ1850-PWM or CAN.

Technical Specification:

  • OBDII Plug: J1962 16-Pin Male (to Car)
  • Serial Port : DB-9 Female (to Computer or PDA)
  • High quality UL certified Serial Cables (equivalent to CE).
  • KWP1281 and KWP2000 protocol compatible
  • Dual K line and single L line for ECU wake-up
  • Built-in, Electronic Protection from the "Aftermarket Radio Problem".
  • Status LED
  • Can be used with a 2+2 adapter for older VW and Audis (available here!)
  • Length : 1.5 metres
  • Weight : About 180g
  • Color : Black

Supported Software:

  • Ross-Tech VAG-COM
    Versions: 3xx, 409
  • VW-Tool
  • AlfaDiag
  • Alex Peper's OBD-II Tool at Please note that this will not work unless you register the software with Alex.
  • VOL-FCR PC Based Code Reader for Volvos
  • BMW Cartune
  • ShadeTree Software ProDiag 1.0x (for PalmOS)
    Palm III, Palm V/Vx, Palm VII, HandSpring Visor Series, HandEra TRG, SONY
    Please visit ShadeTreeSoftware's website for complete list of compatible PDAs.
  • VAG Diagnose (for DOS)
    Supports powerful Direct Memory Access (DMA) which allows users to modify RAM/EEPROM/SEEPROM directly through the cable without ever touching the controller cover
  • REVO Lemmiwinks ECU Tuning
  • APR Immobiliser Information Reader
  • LINUX based freeware OBD-II tool FreeDiag
  • ECU Tuning Applications (please consult the vendors)
  • Other diagnostic and tuning software.

How To Use:

  • Turn the car's ignition switch ON. No need to start the engine.
  • Start the VAG-COM program, click "Options", select the correct communications port. Use "Test" to confirm that the program can use the port and find the interface. Then "Save".
  • Your interface now works! Make sure the software can reliably access all the control modules that it should in your car.

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