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OBD-II Plug with Shroud + Strain Relief

Richard William Nolan
I have a Volvo 945 1997 2.3 litre Low Pressure Turbo Torslander .I have been searching for a plug to fit the diagnostic socket in the car. This plug fits although the Volvo wiring is not standard OBD-11 BUT VOLVO'S own set up. I have now made a test rig and am very pleased with the plug supplied by It is of sound construction and arrived well within the time scale set by the company. I think I was a bit of a pain initially but my emails were dealt with immediately and with professionalism I will certainly deal with the company again and have just ordered OBD-11 sockets to enable me to test the rig I have built....

BMW 20 Pin Large Diagnostic Plug OBD-II Adapter

melvin parsons
All I can say is great! paid for itself already.
No more BMW dealers.

USB FTDI FT232R ISO OBD-II / VAGCOM / Fiat ECU Scan / IAW Scan2 Interface

Mike Hairsine
Works first time with Alfadiag and Unidiag - good quality product and speedy delivery but would get 5 stars if the cable were long enough for a laptop sitting on the passenger seat....

OBD-II Plug with Shroud + Strain Relief

Evan Tuer
Having seen many variations of OBD-II connectors, I believe this one is very good value for money. The quality of the moulding and pins is good, the pins are well secured in the housing (they won't melt and move when you solder them!) and the halves clamp together firmly. There's plenty of room inside for a simple interface if necessary....

USB FTDI FT232R ISO OBD-II / VAGCOM / Fiat ECU Scan / IAW Scan2 Interface

David Masters
The cable worked with Alfadiag! It is nice to find the right cable first time.

USB ELM327 v1.5 VPW, PWM, KWP, ISO, CAN Bus Interface

Christos Tzeremes (Andy) is the best in the planet FAST!!! CHEAP!!! And very good guy!!! The USB ELM327 works perfect! Buy from Andy 100% reliable +++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you Andy !!...